Seeds of Africa Foundation is a publicly supported non-profit organization that financially supports intelligent, economically disadvantaged primary and secondary school students in Zimbabwe to achieve their academic dreams.

Seeds of Africa believes in providing localized and friendly assistance to those who need it most. The SOAF representatives in Zimbabwe are educators with over 10 years experience of teaching in the communities they serve. Through SOAF members and representatives on the ground, they identify intelligent but financially disadvantaged primary and secondary school students in poor areas of Zimbabwe.

Life for Zimbabweans is becoming increasingly difficult. The cost of living is skyrocketing and unemployment is at an all time high. For students, it’s even worse. Schools are constantly closing and teachers are leaving for greener pastures. The facilities at most public schools are deteriorating and there are no learning resources. Economically challenged students are finding it harder to afford school, especially with tuition fees paid in hard-to-find US Dollars. SOAF provides financial support to intelligent but economically challenged students and puts these students in functional schools. The need for SOAF’s services will increase in the future.


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