About SKIP
SKIP is a non-profit organization that aims to help economically disadvantaged children get the education they deserve. Working in the impoverished districts of El Porvenir and Alto Trujillo - on the north coast of Peru - SKIP promotes quality education to empower kids and their families to be the principal agents of sustainable change in their own lives.
Since 2003, SKIP has been collaborating with families through holistic programs on education, economic advancement and emotional and social development. To achieve every goal set for those programs, SKIP relies on its Peruvian and international network of volunteers, who specialized in different areas to offer each family customized support.
Our Vision is a Peru where every child can reach their full potential through quality education, economically stable families and healthy home environments. We provide educational support to children with disadvantaged families to enhance their quality of life. Through education and with a focus on the whole family, we give them the tools they need to be the principal agents of change in their own lives.

What we do
There are two main functions which are the backbone to SKIP's purpose: education and family welfare. The education programme supplements the classes the children receive in the public schools. The students come to SKIP to receive extra classes in their core curriculum subjects, as well as the provision of extra-curricular subjects - three times a week for primary and twice a week for secondary. As well as the primary and secondary programmes, the education department also has an English programme, a library and homework help programme, the nursery programme, the skatepark project, Holiday Club and Parents & Carers Teaching assistant projects.
Within the Family Welfare department, there are four separate areas: economic development programme, social work, health and psychology. The main methods of communication are through home visits, drop in sessions at the SKIP Centre and workshops/advice sessions. It is a very interactive program ensuring that the families we work with are involved and invested. We have a social work team which knows all 124 families well and works with them very closely in order to maintain their involvement and ensure they are receiving the support they need.


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