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Suhana Podar is 10 years old but has a spirit wise far beyond her years. Suhana's family migrated from a slum in India to Nepal to find work when she was very young, so she has spent the vast majority of her life living in Bhaktapur, Nepal. Suhana has 8 sisters, ranging in age from 8 to 26 years old.
Suhana is one of the few children from her community who has had the privilege to go to school from age 6. Her mother, who was married at just 12 years old, had always been committed to education and determined to provide her children with more than she had as a girl.
However, in 2016 when she was just 9 years old Suhana's father died due to liver failure. While Suhana's mother had worked tirelessly to provide a future for her daughters, her father had suffered from severe alcoholism for as long as the family could remember. Upon his death the family came to realize he was more deeply in debt than they had realized and they could not afford to continue to educate Suhana and her sisters.
Two of Suhana's older sisters, ages 15 and 16 were married shortly after. Suhana and her younger sister were abruptly removed from school to work in the street, begging and collecting plastic and cardboard to sell to the government, earning less than $.50 per day.
It was Suhana and her sister, Nitu, that motivated Happy Kids Center to launch our EducateHKC Sponsorship Program. Suhana and Nitu were the very first
students that we sponsored in 2016/2017 and the program has been more successful than we ever could have expected.
Suhana is consistently at the top of her class and is loved by all of her teachers. Suhana's confidence has improved greatly in the last year and she spends every day at Happy Kids Center playing "teacher" with the younger children. Suhana is not only committed to her own education, she has made it her personal mission to share her knowledge with her friends and family who have not had the same opportunities. We are confident Suhana will do great things and we look forward to updating Givologists on her continued success!


  • Pictures of Suhana + Letter from Teacher!

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  • Drawing & Fun Facts From Suhana!

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  • Introducing Suhana!

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  • My January Update

    It has been a crazy couple months at Happy Kids Center and Suhana has been enjoying every minute of it! Between Happy Kids Center's 3rd birthday, Dashain Festival, Halloween, and Tihar Festival, she has been very busy! Suhanna took part of in a cultural program at her school, where she and her sister performed a beautiful poem in english! At HKC's Tihar festival Suhanna performed in three dances in our Tihar program, one dance with her sister, one with her three closest friends, and one all by herself! This is a big feat for Suhanna, who tends to be a bit more quiet and reserved. We are so proud to see her growing! But, don't worry, that has not stopped her from staying focused in school! This term Suhanna passed her exams with distinctions, but this is no surprise, Suhanna has remained steadily at the top of her class since she began at Proxima last year, this term she was ranked number 5 in the class. She was present in class 59 out of the 65 days this term. Suhanna...