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Everyday, while most of the children of Bhaktapur are sitting at desks in school, many of our
Happy Kids are roaming the streets in search of plastic and cardboard recyclables to sell to the government, or begging tourists for rice and spare change. For these families, the children are a primary source of income, and without their tireless work, their families would not have food to eat each evening. This is a heavy burden for any person to carry, let alone a child.
It is with this in mind that we designed the Happy Kids Center sponsorship program, EducateHKC, where we treat a child's education as a full time job. Each of our children are linked with a sponsor who pays the child's school fees, uniform, school lunches, as well as
helping the family to compensate for their loss of income they face due to sending their child to school.
The school that our children attend, Proxima International Academy, is one of the top schools in the area. The expectations placed on our children are extremely high and many of their peers have far more than our Happy Kids do.
It is with this in mind that we invite Givologists to help us provide our Happy Kids with access to school supplies for the year. Donations will go toward the purchasing of backpacks, copy
books, pencils, pens, erasers, pencil sharpeners, markers, crayons, glue sticks, any uniform or textbook replacements, etc. for the entire year. The cost per month for each student is just $6.25.
Please help us level the playing field for our students so that they may enjoy the education and
future they deserve.


When Happy Kids Center first opened in 2015 more than half of our children were not enrolled
in school and instead were working in the street collecting recyclables from the garbage and
begging tourists. These are the children of Indian migrants who came to Nepal for work as
unskilled laborers, but struggle to find jobs. These children are therefore a primary source of
income for their families.
In the past, many kind hearted individuals had tried to put these children into school only to see
them drop out several months later. No one could make sense of why this continued to happen
despite the children passionately desiring a normal education.
Through conversations with the parents in our community it became clear that all parties
involved wanted the children in school. However, even if all of the costs of attending school were covered, without the income from their children, the parents were forced to choose between
their child's education and their family's survival.
It was with this in mind that we designed EducateHKC, a program through which we are able to
treat a child's education as their full time job.


EducateHKC currently (2018/2019 School Year) provides full sponsorships to 6 children and
provides financial aid to 2 more. These are the children to whom all school supplies will be

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EducateHKC is run by Happy Kids Center in partnership with Proxima International Academy,
one of the top private schools in Bhaktapur.


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