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Update from the Solo School!

The Solo School continues to provide education to over 180 students in Solo. Teachers recently participated in training programs to help them better teach in Bambara and French, the two languages spoken in the village. They also received training in literacy teaching.

Due to the ongoing construction, many teachers have moved their classes outside, as seen in this picture:

The School has also shared an interview of one of their students with Givology. The student's name is Drissa Bagayogo, and he is 12 years old. Below is his picture followed by the text of his interview.

"Hi, my name is Drissa Bagoyogo and I live in a village called Solo. I am 12 years old and I have a younger brother. My favorite color is yellow and my favorite sport is soccer.

"In school I like to learn math, although I don't like division very much. School is important to help me get a job and I like it because I know how to read.

"I have some pet sheep and my chores include getting water each morning for my family to use throughout the day.

"I get up at 7 am each day and eat porridge for breakfast before I go to school.

"When I grow up I want to be a professional soccer player.

"Something I want to say to my friends in Utah is "bonjour" or hello."


Note: Givology's partner organization, Ouelessebougou Alliance, is based in Utah and was founded by Utahns. This is why Drissa refers to his friends in Utah.

Please drop a message to the students to show the school your continued support!

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