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Update from Shangui: April 2010

Please see below for a recent letter from Shangui! As you can see, he really appreciated a message he received from one of the Givology team members. We highly encourage all donors to message Shangui to show your continued support!


Dear Givology:

How are you?

My name is Shangui Yan, I am currently studying in XiYuan Ethnic Minorities High School. I feel extremely motivated when I receive loving words from you. Thank you for your support!

Hello to my dear sister Yuqing Fan from Givology! Do you know why I call you sister? I will tell you now so please keep reading.

And here’s the answer:

The answer is: I am not telling you. I am sorry sister, I was just kidding! You are my sister, so there’s no way that I wouldn’t tell you. I call you sister because I received your last letter with your photograph included. From the picture, you are so pretty, kind and loving. I felt like you are my own sister now. If you don’t like this, I sincerely apologize.

Dear sister: I feel my grades right now aren't very good. Recently my math grade fell a lot, I feel pretty bad for that. I think it is mostly because I didn’t pay attention during the first semester. I will work much harder this semester and I must get my grade up again. I should also learn as much as I can so I can use this knowledge when I grow up.

My family members are very good; my sister is studying in middle school right now. My family has even decided to grow some chili in order to make money for our tuition. My village's economic situation has really changed a lot since last year. Our government helped us a lot and we got more revenue from that.

I will stop here even though I really want to tell you more things about me. But thank you so much for reading my letter and I sincerely welcome you visit our village. Our village is also called the “village of apples" because we have so many of them! I really hope you can come.

Best wishes,
Shangui Yang

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