Shangui Yan (严善贵)'s Blog

Shangui Yan: another year completed!

Givology is fundraising to support Shangui for another year! As you can see from his updates, Shangui has really benefited from your support. Please continue to help him go to school!

Unlike some of our other partners which provide a one-time grant to a student, the scholarships provided by the Peach Foundation last for two years in order to provide the children with a sustained period of education. In September, the children returned to school, and we are hoping to raise another $150 for the 2010-2011 year.

One of the most innovative aspects of Givology is the opportunity to make connections across the world – both inspiring and being inspired by the children that you support. We sincerely hope you consider supporting Shangui again. Even if you choose not to make a financial contribution, we still urge you to send him a message that we can deliver. Words of encouragement can go a very long way!

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