Founded in 2004 by two Goldman Sachs Global Leaders, TECC is a non-profit organization devoted to carrying out social ventures focused on technology and education that are coordinated by socially-minded individuals from mainland China, Hong Kong, and the United States.  By leveraging a socially conscious and motivated network, TECC aims to bridge the socioeconomic gap between inland rural China and the eastern coast through increased educational opportunity and access to technology.  Some of TECC’s past achievements include implementing intensive summer institutes that train rural teachers in technology and English, donating computers and books to community libraries, and sponsoring computer literacy classes for migrant youth in Shanghai.
TECC addresses two key concerns:
1) In recent years, China has emerged as a driving force in the world economy and large cities along the eastern coast, such as Beijing and Shanghai, have fueled this prosperity. However, inland agricultural regions, which are home to approximately 70 percent of China’s population, have largely missed out on this economic growth. Many regions suffer from grave poverty and poor educational opportunities. Education is key to addressing this socioeconomic gap, but many past efforts to improve education have been hampered by lack of funding or long-term continuity.
2) With China’s emergence as a global leader, cross-cultural exchange and understanding between the US and China has never been more critical, particularly among future leaders. Numerous exchange programs help bridge this cultural gap, but students rarely have the opportunity to actually collaborate on meaningful, substantive projects.


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