Turning Point is a Christian charity working in Africa’s largest slum, Kibera, Kenya. Our mission is to demonstrate God’s heart for the poor through programmes that relieve poverty, transform lives and restore hope amongst vulnerable children and their families. Turning Point offers a holistic range of programmes which provide children with access to education, healthcare and regular meals, in addition to providing them with psycho-social support. The organization also operates pioneering prevention projects aimed at supporting families, promoting independence and working towards financial self-sufficiency. Although we are a Christian organisation our programmes are provided freely to all children in difficult circumstances regardless of religion, race, tribe or colour.

Turning Point Trust started their work in Kibera on March 3rd 2003, providing a simple feeding programme and access to education. Since that time, due to many successes, the organization has grown both in size and the scope of programmes they offer. Turning Point currently supports over 380 children and their families through the following range of programmes:

Kibera Projects
- Pre-School educational classes to provide a safe and nurturing environment for vulnerable children at risk of resorting to the streets rather than going to school in the future.
- School Preparation Class to cover basic education, preparing vulnerable children to be integrated into local partner primary schools.
- School Transition Class for former street-children who cannot immediately rejoin mainstream schools and who require intensive non-formal education, rehabilitation and family reintegration work.
- Christian Teaching to teach children that, despite their poverty and hardship, God has a purpose for each individual child.
- Feeding Programme to provide food to approximately 280 children as a means of school drop-out prevention.
- Healthcare to ensure children have regular medical check-ups and are treated for any existing healthcare problems.
- Structured play and creativity to provide children with the opportunity to rediscoer their childhood.

Holiday Clubs (residential and day programmes) to provide children with a fun, safe place to spend the school holidays, preventing them from drifting to the streets of Nairobi, in addition to providing children with an opportunity to learn and respond to the love that God has for them.

Rural Relocation Programme, an innovative and ground-breaking project which relieves pressure on the limited resources available in Kibera by relocating single mothers and their families who have little or no hope of change in their situations in Kibera to a rural area and teaching them basic farming skills.

Micro-Finance Programme to empower families to start income generating activities in order to promote independence and financial self-sufficiency.


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