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The Raspberry Pi is a miniature computer that was designed for kids all around the world to learn programing. At the low cost of 35$, the Raspberry Pi is a more portable, energy efficient technology that will enhance classroom learning and provide our students with their first experience at using a computer. The project will offer these students computer classes throughout the summer and school year that will allow them to interactively learn the basics of computers in a fun way.


We currently teach computer classes to high school students using traditional desktop computers. We are introducing this new and unique approach to improve the efficiency and lower the cost of our program. The Raspberry Pi will gradually replace the traditional desktop PCs we currently use for our project.


This program keeps students off the street in the summer, so they spend time learning something valuable. The classes will train a minimum of 100 students more every year. As the computer-training program improves, local recruiters will gradually find more interest in hiring our students for internships. After graduation, these students also get higher chances to find a job and become financially independent.

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