“Titagya” Means “We Have Changed”… And We Are Changing Lives One Student at a Time

Titagya Schools is a non-profit organization that promotes early educational opportunities in northern Ghana by building and operating schools, partnering with public primary schools to enhance their effectiveness, and administering a scholarship program. We are currently operating a pre-school and kindergarten for 80 students in the village of Dalun, Ghana.

Our mission is to help bring about a greater quantity – in terms of number of schools, especially at the pre-primary level – and quality of education in northern Ghana. The rural literacy rate in northern Ghana, the poorest part of Ghana, is currently 22%, and we aim to eventually help lift this rate to above 90%, as is common in OECD countries. The resulting gains from improved and increased formal education will have other important benefits, such as stronger critical thinking, creative, and social skills. In the schools we operate, we also aim to instill the values of respect for oneself, others, and the community. Education is a key link to broader development gains, including a more politically-empowered citizenry and people better equipped to start and staff successful businesses.


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