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Despite struggling with epilepsy, Chuan, 25 years old, is determined to continue her education and is now in 11th grade. She inspires other disabled students at school and in the country with her beautiful voice. Chuan's traditional music performances have touched numerous listeners and have earned her many awards in National Music Competitions for the Disabled.


  • An Update from Tran Thi Kim Chuan

    Chuan is a second-year student at Hue Institute of music. She is now 27 years old. Though being blind, she is always optimistic and self-confident. She is also a very hard- working and helpful student. She can perform music especially Hue folk songs beautifully. She and other students in the music team have won many medals for our Association. Besides studying and practicing music, she also helps young blind students to learn music and play with them. At the Institute, she is trying her best to get good grades to receive school scholarship. Receiving your funds, she can have more condition to rent a motorcycle to go to school daily as it is quite far from the Center to the Institute and she can not go to there alone. This fund is very useful for her. Her parents now live in the countryside and visit her sometimes. She also has 3 older brothers who have their own family and live in the countryside.