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My name is Wisdom Akpalu. I come from Maki-Gborkofe in the Volta Region. I have a round face, pointed nose, and normal eyes. I am fair in complexion. I am nine years old boy. I am in class two. The reason of my schooling in life is to be a teacher. And the game I like best is football. And the subject I like best is English. My reason for liking English is that it helps us to speak and read. Education is important because without education we cannot write and read. So this is the reason education is important to human kind. What make me happy is if I am playing football because it is my best game. What make me happy, happy is when my parent bought me a new books and pencils and the sadness of my life is if get in trouble bad by my parent. My father is a mason and my mother is a framer and my mother does mixed farming which is maize crop and animals especially sheep. I like my family because we are all moral and they believe in education. I help my parent by weeding in the farm and domestic duties. My school is located at the side of the road. My school is uncompleted and my school also has mago trees. This is the reason why I like my school is that, the school compound is neat, fresh air always blow. We also have good teacher who always obey there duties and always at school. What I think heaven is like, is like a new world. If I want to be an animal, I will be an animal like a sheep.