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I first encountered mentor Otim on my very first day at high school. He was kind and very composed. When he spoke, there was vibrancy in his voice. His attitude was appealing; he knew the secrets of relating with young people. Instantly, I admired him. Our conversation drew us to a common place; leadership. I attended early primary in Kenya, living with both my parents. My mother is Kenyan and my father is Ugandan. In early secondary, I was moved to Uganda and put under the custody of my grandparents who paid my school fees till the death of my grandfather three years later. At that moment I should have dropped out of school, but for a kind hearted relative who took up the responsibility to pay my school fees. I have practiced school leadership all the while since primary one. I envision myself a great leader in Africa. Today, I am not just undertaking the Social Entrepreneurship and leadership course that mentor Otim facilitates; I am the president of the social entrepreneurship club. Educate! and a scouting youth trainer for Wanale division in Mbale district. As a community leader, I will do much more to transform Africa, Solving community problems such as poverty. My childhood idol is Nelson Mandela.


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