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Lack of education in the rural villages lead to systemic poverty. The lack of education is due to the fact that teachers do not have adequate training to provide high quality education to its students. The program breaks the cycle. In providing teachers with adequate training, it can help decrease the gap in education between the cities and rural villages.

1. Every year from March to May, September to November, with the help of Givology and local partners, we will send passionate, local village education teachers to designated teaching locations. The focus is on organized training for English and Art teachers, two curriculums that lack support and exploration.
2. The purpose of the training is to develop and increase the teacher’s professional and teaching abilities and also encourage interactions among the teachers.
3. By starting to provide training to the local teachers, they can share their skills and talents with other fellow teachers; the goals and objectives of the program will naturally grow.

Specific uses of funding in local currency include:

1. Food stipend: 1 Person x 30 days x 15 RMB = 450 RMB
2. Housing stipend: 1 person x 30 days x 20 RMB = 600 RMB
3. Student transportation stipend: 200 RMB
4. Supplies: 100 RMB
5. Teacher transportation stipend: 150 RMB
6. Professional fees: 300 RMB
7. Management/Misc. Fees (unexpected events, communication, printing, etc): 200 RMB


Starting in 2005, this program has trained over 30 teachers and was well-received across the board. We hope to recreate this initiative to provide more training and help a larger number of teachers.


Through special initiatives and training, the overall program has been able to change the mentality of the teachers, exposing teachers to new ideas and philosophies. In their teaching, they can use these new ideas and in turn, foster innovation and enhanced methods of learning to their students. After the training, the students’ test performance increased by 8-10%. Since the Beijing Western Sunshine Rural Development Foundation begun this education program in China, it has received many accolades from organization and research facilities nationwide.

Team Credentials

The Beijing Western Sunshine Rural Development Foundation was created in 1998 by one individual, Shang Lifu, who decided to travel to remote villages in search of better rural research. In 2004, the Foundation formally began recruiting college students and training them to teach the countryside. This was one of the first projects Western Sunshine undertook, and it still remains as popular. Eight years since its founding, and after much lobbying, it became one of the few official non-profit foundations in China with an official tax exemption code.

Its three core tenets are and will always be:
1. Improve the state of the rural West through education and cultural reform
2. Cultivate the spirit of philanthropy and volunteerism in China
3. Help begin a grassroots campaign to reform the Western Chinese villages and inspire other non-government organizations to do the same.



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