The mission of Women for Girls is to create new opportunities for girls and women through high levels of education and micro finance.

WFG believes that a high level of girls’ education is an effective strategy for combating poverty and a useful instrument in preventing sexual discrimination. WFG works with school directors to get girls in school and keep them there until they graduate from a university or obtain a diploma from a trade or technical school. The world is advancing too fast to stop at the end of the elementary school level.

WFG is also convinced that if women have opportunities to express their creative capabilities through income generating activity, they will earn money to support their families, and with a new sense of self esteem they will have an active role in decision-making processes of their family and community.

In the area of education:
Women for Girls works with school directors and families to create a positive learning atmosphere for poor and disadvantaged girls and to provide necessary support for them until they finish their studies.

In the area of economic development:
Women for Girls believes that when women are engaged in valid economic activities they develop personally and professionally, gain self confidence, make money to support their families, become active in decision making processes of the family and community and therefore can contribute to the sustainable economic development of their country.

In the area of sustainable development:
Women for Girls believes that sustainable development can only happen when women are active participants and that girls, if they show interest, should be encouraged to study environmental management and related fields at the university level. Women should also be supported in developing economic activities that respect the environment and receive the proper training to carry these out.

In the area of solidarity:
Women for Girls believes that people in our society should understand that reality completely different than ours exists. WFG firmly believes that our girls and young women need to learn about courageous women in other parts of the world who have succumbed to terrible injustices and whose daily fight for basic human rights gives them strength to create social change. These women should be looked up to and be our role models.


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