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The village library construction project will benefit the entire local community by providing academic resources and cultural enrichment, spreading education, agricultural knowledge, health awareness and an understanding of the legal system, improving local productivity and promoting local development.

Currently, most villages in this region do not have libraries, and even those that do are only equipped with obsolete publications that are of little use. In many places, the school only has access to a single newspaper and absolutely no extracurricular reading or teaching material. In addition, the local average number of years of education is three years less than the national average, and in terms of economic development and agricultural technology, the region is about 20 years behind other places. 60% of the local families live on an income of less than 1000 RMB and therefore cannot afford to buy their own books.

Specific funding uses are in local currency are detailed below:
1. Books: 1250 RMB
2. Early stage analysis and correspondence fees: 100 RMB
3. Program assessment and management fees (transport, printing): 150 RMB


This program has already been in effect for 5 years, and it has already collected books that cater to different groups of local inhabitants. All books were purchased at low prices, generally about 2 RMB per book, to ensure costs are kept low and villagers can access the books they enjoy.


In addition to expanding local children’s minds, the project also gives local farmers access to more knowledge and helps them combat illiteracy. As knowledge of the legal system is very basic, relevant books will hopefully bring change to the villagers’ lives.

In total, approximately 150 children and 100 households will benefit from this project.

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  • Project Update - Library Construction

    With Givology's financial support, the construction of the library has gone tremendously well! Below are some photos that we recently received from the Western Sunshine Foundation. Our partners will also soon post their thoughts about the project and their goals for sustainability.


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