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Dear respective supporters,

Greetings. I live in the Yun-Yang county, Feng Chun Ling city, in a village named Lao Zhao in a family of four. My father works as a day laborer while both my mother and myself are both sick – that make our family finance difficult. As far as I can remember, I was born with many illnesses: nose bleeding, stomach ache and headaches.

I had kidney stone when I was in fourth grade, and my father had to work harder to cover my medical cost. During my eighth grade, my headache and nose bleeding came back, but I insisted attending classes with my hands holding on my nose; I was afraid of lagging behind in school if I went to hospital often. My father wants to take me to bigger hospital to treat me but the cost is high. Despite being a sick student, I have confidence that I can work harder, and my illness and financial difficulty will not prevent me becoming a useful member of society.

My near term goal is to pass the exam and attend Jian-Shui First High School; I will start new learning scheme, and to be more careful. I do not think my grade is good now, and I need to improve in order to attend Jian-Shui First High School. In the future, I want to attend university and to work for government to contribute to the society – students have means to attend school, and the sick can seek treatment.

Based on my earnest desire to chase my dream, I am seeking your assistance.

Wang Tao


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