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Although my family's income increased a lithe, my brother entered middle school which has increased the cost to my family. We depend on our mother to support us financially through her part time jobs.


  • My July 2018 Update

    [font=OpenSansRegular, arial, sans-serif] [/font] Dear Miss.Duan, Time flew by, and with your help, I successfully completed high school, and now I am studying communication engineering at the Wuhan National University of China. First of all, on the behalf of my family, I would to give you a heartfelt thank you! Although we have not met face to face, I can tell from your letters and photo that you are a beautiful, dignified, and a kind-hearted girl. In fact, you have been by my side with an invisible force silently inspiring me to move forward. Since, it is the new year, I will work even harder, follow your example, study hard, be a good person and work hard. I send my heart to the moon and the wind to YeLangXi. Wishing you a healthy, and successful career because the year of the dog is very lucky! ChenXin 3/3/2018
  • New Updates for this School Year!

    As Chen Xin goes through his junior year of high school, things are looking up! His grades have been improving, and he's even received some awards for academic distinction! With your help, he will be able to continue to get a good education and achieve his dreams. Below is the translation and his update: [img]/images/user/16630_2830736589296081975.png[/img][font=OpenSansRegular, arial, sans-serif][img]/images/user/16630_7741715075800349709.png[/img][/font]
  • Renewal for the year!

    Chen Xin's updated profile and translations are down below! Please support him! [img]/images/user/16630_4134317141609847026.png[/img]
  • Peach Application

    Chen Xin is a new student to Givology. Attached is his scholarship application which was sent through the Peach Foundation. He is an incredibly motivated student: "I am satisfied by my over all grade. My English and Chemistry are not very good. However, I increased my Chinese score." [img]/images/user/16630_13334186359177858788.jpg[/img] [img]/images/user/16630_2308278560999306976.jpg[/img]


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