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Hello, my name is Xiao Jin Hua. I live in the mountains of Yunnan. When I was young, my father passed way, leaving my mother to take care of me and my three siblings. It has not been easy, and my mom has had to work very hard to support us. But growing up with my mother has taught me to value my education and to work hard to conquer my challenges. With your support, I hope to continue my education!


  • My 2018 Update

    [font=OpenSansRegular, arial, sans-serif] [/font] [font=OpenSansRegular, arial, sans-serif] [/font] Dear Miss Huang: Hello! Time has passed and the new year has arrived. I hope you are doing well so far away, that work is going smoothly, and that you are happy every day. I would like to tell you about my study and life. In the blink of an eye, I’ve been in college for nearly a year. Thinking back, if you hadn’t helped me so generously, my college dream would only be a pipe dream. I’m one of many children in a single parent family where my mother has no fixed income. Due to the heavy burden on the family, my mother works every day from the early morning till late at night farming. Thinking back before the exam, many relatives and friends said: "so what if you get into high school, with so many children, only one or two need to succeed.” My mother has always insisted the money problems were nothing, we can take out a bank loan, but I should continue my studies. Although I know th...
  • My history

    [color=#222222]Hello! My name is Xiao Jin Hua. I grew up in the mountains; when I was young, I lost my father. Ever since my father passed away, my mother had to care for our entire family herself. To aggravate this situation, not long after my father passed, and before my mother came to terms with our family's situation, my grandparents urged my mother to remarry again. Their reasoning, they later explained, was that if my mother remarried, my siblings and I would remain by my grandparents' side, living at my uncle's.[/color] My father died in misfortune, so during my childhood I never received much fatherly love. Supporting me was only my mother and uncle. Why was I so unlucky, to lose my father at such a young age? [color=#222222]After my father's death, the lives of my mom, three siblings, and I were completely changed. My father's care dissipated, and my mother could only provide for us a miserable life. We originally lived in a thatched house, but the roof ...


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