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My family’s financial resources are very limited and we do not have any fixed income. The whole family’s life depends on my father’s temporary jobs outside, but my father has some physical disability and his health condition has been poor this year. My mother stays at home to look after my young brother and takes care of a little crop, but the harvest is not enough for family consumption. Nowadays, my tuition becomes another great burden for my parents. It is very hard for my family to afford the costs. I sincerely hope to that the Fund could help ease my family’s financial difficulties.

According to my grandmother, my father was burned by fire when he was young. The four fingers on his left hand were badly burnt; his head was also injured. So he always had disability. I cannot imagine how he managed to get through the cold winters, so I have always admired my father very much. Nevertheless, my father always worked very hard for the family despite his deteriorating health. I was touched again and again as I watched my father’s hurting wounds and deepening wrinkles. I am proud of my father, a man who faces the burning summer sun with a bright smile and fights the cold winter wind fearlessly. My family is poor and there are little crops to be sold, so we depend solely on my father’s income. Now I am in high school, my father’s burden is even heavier. This is pushing my already struggling father to his limits. He struggles to send me to school and I must do way better than my best. Although my family is poor, I am happy. I will never give in, I will never give up.

I am an ordinary girl, but I want to create an extraordinary future.


  • Update from Yuling Bai: May 2010

    Below is a translation of Yuling Bai's latest update. Please message her back - as you can see from the letter, she loves getting your responses! -- Dear Uncles and Aunties, Hello! How have you all been recently? I was very happy to get your letters - thank you for your encouragement and good wishes. It really makes me feel lucky. I really feel honored to be able to get to know you and share with you my joys and misfortunes. Time passes quickly - before long, I will quickly be approaching junior year. All my classmates are also bracing themselves to face the stresses of junior year, and of course, I'm not an exception. I've seen the juniors, busy all day every day, with their huge piles and mountains of homework, with big tests and quizzes every week. I'm still rather scared. Before I came to high school, my older sister told me: "High school is tough, but afterwards when you go out into the world, you'll realize that high school was a good time and a meanin...
  • Update from Yuling Bai!

    Dear Uncles and Aunties, Hello! I’m Yuling Bai from Ning Qing No.1 Middle School. I was genuinely grateful when I received your aid from thousands of miles away. I believe a simple “Thank You” would well express my gratitude, since I know you weren’t expecting eulogization, instead you were expecting me to fully utilize your help, get a better education and maybe finally realize my dreams. Even though I’ve never seen you, you are always on my mind. It’s been one year since Sichuan Earthquake, but the vivid memory of it will never fade away. I used to be a whiny little girl, but Sichuan Earthquake has really changed me. It makes me stronger and more confident, because after all, even when everything is gone, we still have love and we still get to enjoy the beautiful sunshine. Many upperclasswomen told me that high school is arduous, but also very memorable. I wonder if you feel the same. I got excellent scores in junior high. Therefore, I was probably one of my teachers’ favorites. B...