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Update from Yuling Bai!

Dear Uncles and Aunties,

Hello! I’m Yuling Bai from Ning Qing No.1 Middle School. I was genuinely grateful when I received your aid from thousands of miles away. I believe a simple “Thank You” would well express my gratitude, since I know you weren’t expecting eulogization, instead you were expecting me to fully utilize your help, get a better education and maybe finally realize my dreams.

Even though I’ve never seen you, you are always on my mind. It’s been one year since Sichuan Earthquake, but the vivid memory of it will never fade away. I used to be a whiny little girl, but Sichuan Earthquake has really changed me. It makes me stronger and more confident, because after all, even when everything is gone, we still have love and we still get to enjoy the beautiful sunshine.

Many upperclasswomen told me that high school is arduous, but also very memorable. I wonder if you feel the same. I got excellent scores in junior high. Therefore, I was probably one of my teachers’ favorites. But I didn’t pay as much attention in the first year in high school, thus tumbled down on two important exams, which really frustrated me. I thought about giving up, but I soon realized that it would make me a coward. That’s when I started to understand the nature of the intense competition in high school: compared to junior high, now we got more smart students here to battle. As soon as I realized this, I changed my strategy and studied much harder. And fortunately, my hard work paid off and I rank among top 5 in my class now. But as the old saying goes, time reveals all things; it is way too early to claim victory and I’ll not stop striving!

I’m a girl living in rural China, but I still have a colorful life. I have a rather reticent father, a caring mother and a lovely brother. My father survived a fire when he was a little boy, but that horrible accident caused a permanent deformity. Despite his deformity, my father is good at calligraphy. However, he still has to work on the farm. I can’t imagine how much pain he’s been through, which is another motivation for me to move forward. We’re an ordinary family in rural China, which means we barely make our ends meet. Now I’m in high school, so the tuition is a huge burden on my family.

I also love my lively hometown. I enjoy walking by the river, watching the fish swim and hearing the birds sing; I enjoy sitting by the riverside and reading out loud; I enjoy out harvesting with my parents; I enjoy waking up in the morning and feeling the breeze. I’ve been living here for more than a decade. During these numerous days and nights, I’ve seen the beauty of spring, the affection of summer, the ardor of fall and the desolation of winter.

I wanted to be a star, a cop, a TV host…But now when I envision my future I know I want to be a teacher and contribute to education in China, which means I should try my best to get in Beijing Normal University, the university that offers the best education related majors in China.

Uncles and Aunties, I’m sorry I can’t express my gratitude in person, but I will always pray for you from thousands of miles away. Best wishes for you!

Yuling Bai

May 14th

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