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Update: April 9, 2009

Dear Danielle and other Givology donors,

Thank you and the dear people of Peach Foundation for the warm greetings you have sent me. I think they will help me as I walk down the path toward my future. I’m very happy that you were able to tell me about yourself. This touched me a lot and will give me the courage to stay on track!

I am doing well in school and I have great relationships with my classmates. I really like chemistry and Chinese. My teachers and peers care for me a lot. So far, I am not working on any particularly interesting projects, but I really like to write. I have been writing everyday to practice as I really enjoy literature.

My family is doing a little better, and my mom is almost back to health. My father and my uncle are doing well, but I don’t see them very often because of school. My brother who is 13 years old and in third grade of junior high, is able to take his high school entrance exam. This is a lot of pressure for him, but I have tried my best to help him and care for him, so he can put everything he has into preparing for this exam.

In the future, I want to be like the people who work at Peach Foundation and help the children who are in my situation. If I have the opportunity to attend college, I hope to study literature, and I’m not sure which college I would like to attend. I am working my hardest in school, and I hope to gain what I want and change my life through hard work.

Sister, thanks for everything that you have told me. It means a lot to me. My parents love me, but they’ve never said such things to me. I hope that you are happy in life and doing well in school!

I thought that I would not have the chance to go to high school, but fortunately I have been given the opportunity to sit in a high school classroom, with great classmates and teachers. Also there are tons of people who care about me.

Sister, sometimes I feel that life is difficult but beautiful. And that is why I am working hard on my studies, and love everyone around me with my heart. Therefore I feel that every day of my life is filled with sunshine.

Aunt Zheng has told me to live everyday happily! That is what I have been trying to do. Now I often miss the uncles and aunts I met, and the great times I had with them and my classmates during camp! I had so much heart-felt laughter then, and flew around like a little bird. I miss those times. I hope that you can come to China and hang out with us!

The sun always rises after the storm. I have been receiving such kind regards from you and other people, it gives me the courage to face everyday with a smile, and to challenge myself everyday. I will not disappoint you!

Best of luck in school and enjoy your day!

Warmest regards and thank you,

Yincong Fan


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