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Translation of Yincong's letter

Below is a translation of the Chinese section of Yincong's latest letter. Please message her back to show your continued support!


Dear Givology,

I was very happy to receive your good wishes and regards from far-away places! Are your jobs still going smoothly? I hope everything is still going well in your lives.

Everything is going well for me - even in our stressful lives of studying, we can still live very happily with our classmates. My hometown is currently undergoing alot of construction. My mom and dad are both doing well and are healthy. The only thing is, because both my little brother and I are in high school, my parents work from dawn until dusk every day, yet they never complain, because in their hearts, everything is for their children. As for my younger brother, he tested pretty well and was able to go to a better school. He's doing pretty well. Right now I am in the middle of hurried preparation for a language arts competition.

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