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Introductory Letter

Attached is Yan He's first letter to Givology. If you compelled to write a response, please do so! We will translate the letter for you if necessary.
Name: Yan He
My mother passed away two months after I was born. My grandmother and my father raised me up. After my mother’s death, the family was in poverty for a long period of time and my father was depressed. When I was two years old, he married my step-mother who has been very nice to me. She took care of me and looked after my grandmother. My father therefore borrowed some money and start his own business. They did not tell me anything about my mother so I grown up happily like others.
When I was in elementary school, people made fun of me because I cannot speak Yi. My step mother only taught me Mandarin at home so my Mandarin is much better than others. During my third school year, some of my friends told me about my mother and I did not believe in them. I asked my grand mother but she did not reply. My father sighed when I turned to ask him. Although we were still poor, the living condition is getting better.
When I became a middle school student, father told me everything about my mother. I was shocked and could not accept it. After father told me again it is true that my mother is dead, I felt my world collapsed, how sad I was! I did not want to acknowledge this truth yet it is what really happened. After a few days, I got back on my feet, because I realized that people cannot revive and I should work harder in order to keep my father from sorrow. I also do not want my step-mother and grandmother to worry.
My grandmother spent too much on me and I am really grateful to her. Whenever I have sparer time, I will come to her and listen to her while she talks to me about what happened before....
Now I am a middle school 9th grader and the school is harder than before yet I try my best to tackle every problem. I especially love calligraphy because I think it can help me to my inner peace. I also like sports such as: track and field, badminton etc.
I live happily with my father, step-mother, grandmother and sister now and forget about the sorrow. They are all meaningful to me. As the economy situation improves, we can put more focus on studying and I hope we can live like his forever. However, this is just a “hope” and cannot come true. This is the reason why I cherish this home. Everyone in this house is priceless.
I am going to take the middle school graduation examination and I will work harder when I get into a high school."
Translated by Givology Team Member, Junhong Chen.

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