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Hi, my name is YunCai, and I am a tenth grader going to YuLong MinZu Middle School, which is 120 kilometers away from my house. I miss my family and friends, but I must put effort into my studies; I only go home once a month. When I do go home, it takes my three and a half hours, including a hour-long walk.

My family has endured many trials and setbacks; father needs to keep on eating medicines or get shots for his ailments, and this leads to large expenditures on the part of the family. My mother has to work as a migrant worker in order to support my family and my education.

Even on the weekends, there isn't much time for me to study, and I can only find time in the wee hours of the night. Because of this, I get very tired during class, and my productivity is worsened. There are even times when I don't have time to finish my homework on time, which is why my grades as good as I hope they can be. However, I will keep on working, and put my best effort into my studies.


  • My July 2018 Update

    [font=OpenSansRegular, arial, sans-serif] [/font] Hello Dear sister Huang There are many expectations when going into a college, there are many things I want to do, for example some interesting clubs, the members of the orchestra that I joined are all very good and excellent. They will often discuss and learn about courses that have never been learned, a lot of expectations. In college I met a lot of new friends, we did a lot of crazy things. I like and enjoy my college life, even there are a lot of difficulties and confusion, but I’m not afraid. I wish my sister all the best and that everything is going well, and I appreciate your help. Li Yun Cai 3/13/18
  • YunCai: Student Profile

    Here is YunCai's student profile; despite difficult family situations and her parent's elementary-level education, YunCai continues to work hard for her aspirations. [font=OpenSansRegular, arial, sans-serif][img]/images/user/26467_4329059801028123262.png[/img][/font]