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“Salir adelante” is a Spanish phrase that means to move up, overcome, surmount. Yuri is the definition of salir adelante. As the oldest daughter in a family with an illiterate mother and a father who only attended three years of elementary school, Yuri is committed to creating a future for herself through education.

Yuri’s focused nature and high expectations are rare for her age – only 15 – even among her Starfish peers. When asked about challenges in her life over the past year, she mentions turning in homework, passing all her courses, and being responsible. This is in contrast to many other girls who mention larger issues like family alcoholism and poverty. Yuri is committed to her goals and does not let other hardships distract her. According to her mentor, she is enthusiastically committed to improving her weaknesses and serves as an example to the 14 other girls in her mentoring circle in this aspect.

While her family is very supportive of her education and involvement with Starfish, they cannot do it alone. Making little more than $100 a month through manual labor and crafts, Yuri requires an empowerment scholarship to ensure that she can attend the mentoring circle and Starfish programs without being a great financial burden to her family. Yuri’s empowerment scholarship ensures that she will have the constant guidance and support of her mentor as she works to achieve her personal and educational dreams.


  • October 2015 Updates

    Thank you to everyone who supported Yuris scholarship! We are pleased to report that Yuri, age 18, will begin her senior year of high school this year. Though Yuris parents were not able to attend school for more than three years, next year she will become the first person in her family to graduate from high school. After graduation, Yuri hopes to attend university to become a nurse.
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