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My family receives no outside financial assistance aside from our immediate income. Because both myself and my brothers are studying, our economic condition is getting worse. We barely make enough to support our family by growing the crops that we do. I spend my days learning to improve my testing scores. I will work even harder to fulfill my dreams.


  • Thank you to my supporters

    How are you! I’m so happy in this joyous spring season to receive your letter. With the beginning of the new semester, the higher education exam is in looming in June. Facing the pressures of the exam, I am nervous and don’t want to waste this 2nd opportunity. However, with the support and encouragement of my family and the wonderful, kind hearted people like you, I will not forget the determination I started this journey with, and work even harder. I am so grateful to your encouragement, especially in a time like this. Facing this 2nd attempt at the higher education exam, the pressure is high. But more than that, I don’t want to let my family down, don’t want to waste all their hard work, and don’t want to let myself down. So I know I will give it my all, and press forward. I believe, with your support and encouragement, I will be braver, and go far. When met with challenges, I will face them head on, though I know I will encounter failures that bring me down, make me doubt myself....
  • Introductory Letter

    Attached is Yong Mei Li's first letter to Givology. If you feel compelled to send her a letter back, please do so! We will even translate the letter for you. [img]/images/user/16669_16008926783515424213.jpg[/img] [img]/images/user/16669_15968409394039049316.jpg[/img] "ID:14071 Yongmei Li I am Yongmei Li. I am a optimistic 15-year-old girl. I come from Ale village, Judian, Lijiang. I spent my life here and I am going to Yulong Fifth Middle School. Our economy condition is not good even in our village. I was self-abased when I was young because I did not want others to know my poverty. I was even afraid to invite my friends to my house. When I was bullied by others, I did not dare to fight back. However, I learned to protect myself as I grew up so when people look at me with arrogance, I turn the contempt into a motivation that pushes me forward. I know that I have to overcome the difficulties. Although we do not have a big house, I still love my small one and my family. I lo...
  • Scholarship Application

    Yong Mei Li is a high achieving student in Yunan, China. She is asking for Givology's help to help support her pursuit of an education. Attached is the scholarship application she submitted through the Peach Foundation. [img]/images/user/16669_2875211381680951533.jpg[/img] [img]/images/user/16669_6759044559470930501.jpg[/img] Translated by Junhong Chen


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