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Please Support The Yonso Project New Scholarship Fund

Dear Givology,
We are grateful to you for the support you have given to the Yonso Project over the years. Thanks to your support and sponsorship, the life of most of these rural children has been turned around for the better. Many of these kids, who were on the verge of dropping out of school, are now finding themselves going to colleges and universities to pursue their dreams.
Due to the high success rate of the program, there is a need for the organization to create a sustainable source of funding to support these young people with their college education and even support more rural children in the basic and high school level. It is for this reason that we are still seeking your support so that we can continue to help these kids this year. We can only do this with your support. We are seeking to raise $15,000 but so far we have only managed to raise $1500.
You can make your donations online at www.yonsoproject.org/donate or please send your checks to this address: The Yonso Project, 1147 Virginia St., Berkeley, CA 94702. Attached is a flier and a thank you [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etUrBO5HQWs]video [/url]from the poor children whose lives you have helped turn around. Once again thank you for all your support.


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