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The Yonso Project works to improve educational and economic opportunities in rural Ghana. Since 2007, the organization has impacted over 5000 rural children through scholarships and community library project. In 2019, the organization established a Model School called the Yonso Project Model School which is to enhance quality education in rural Ghana. The school's mission is to develop the next generation of ethical leaders who would become problem solvers and change-makers. The School aims to expose these rural children to the different spheres of our global world of today and is aiming to achieve that through encouraging reading and the use of technology. The Library will provide the kids access to different reading and learning materials which will give them the opportunities to learn a variety of topics and issues. The computer lab will be used to train these kids on the use of technology to solving everyday societal problems and issues. In all, over 390 kids are expected to benefit from the project in its early stages but more importantly, over 1000 kids will be using these facilities in the school.


The Yonso Project was incorporated in 2007 to improve educational and economic opportunities in rural Ghana. The project started by offering scholarships to vulnerable children who are likely to drop out of school as a result of poverty. The organization before 2016 has established 8 rural community libraries, 5 computer labs, over 400 scholarships affecting over 5000 rural children. The Yonso Project was started by a group of students in 2005 and was officially incorporated in 2007 in Vermont before it being incorporated in Ghana.


The Yonso Project has impacted a lot of lives and communities in the past 10 years. Through its scholarship program, over 400 children who would have dropped out of school got support their education. Today, some of them are teachers, nurses, entrepreneurs and many more. Our community library program provided over 3000 rural children access to reading and learning materials. The computer lab project supported over 2000 rural children to have access to ICT education.

Team Credentials

Kwabena Danso Fellow of the International Youth Founder and the Obama Young African Leaders Program. Has over 10 years experience in Managing rural community projects. Has Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Masters Degree in Business Administration. Co-founder of The Yonso Project and the Founder of the Yonso Project Model School.
Grace Asibi A teacher by Profession. Currently a Girl-Children education co-ordinator in her school as well as the head of Academics. Has a Bachelors degree in education and over 10 years experience as a teacher in rural Ghana.

Michael Insaidoo Hold a masters degree in development management. Has over 10 years experience in School management and is currently the Principal of the Yonso Project Model School.