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My family is very impoverished with a very low and unsteady income. My family’s basic living costs, my grandma’s medical bills, and mine and my sister’s tuition all rely on the family’s low income causing great stress for my parents. I’m very, very scared that my parents will not be able to support the entire family, that they’re going to get sick from working overtime, and I’m scared that my sister will need to stop her schooling. But how can I give up? When I see my parents’ haggard faces, their weary bodies, and my sister studying studiously, the feeling I get is one of determination and perseverance. I vow that I will definitely work hard and achieve my goals.

I want to develop into a well-rounded person. At school, I always follow the rules, because in my eyes, school is like a sacred place. I have found great happiness in learning and education. I’ve found my self-confidence, and I’ve completely changed from the scared girl who came from the impoverished family. I love learning about and studying each and every subject in school. It is truly my passion.


  • A Letter from Ying Wang

    Below is a recent letter from Ying Wang. Please message her back to show your continued support! -- Dear Uncles & Aunties: How have you been recently? I’m so sorry that I haven't written until now - can you forgive me? Do you know how excited I was when I received your letter at school? When I saw the Western Sunshine Foundation logo on the envelope, I knew the letter must be from you. It gave me a special feeling that's hard to explain in words. You can still remember us village kids even though you're so busy. It makes us feel so lucky. So here in this letter, I'd really like to thank you! Actually, I was thinking about writing to you a long time ago. Anyway, let this letter bring you my best wishes from thousands of miles away. I’m full of hope, support, and courage because of you. I’ll live a good life. Do you know? We’re so lucky - even though the earthquake in 2008 destroyed our homeland, aid from all over the country and the world has never stopped pouring in....
  • Update from Ying Wang!

    Dear Uncle and Aunties, Hello! I was genuinely grateful when I received your aid. I felt so lucky. I maybe live in the middle of nowhere, but I can still hear your voice; even though you’re thousands of miles away, I know that your care for me is real. My home town is less developed, but with your generous help and my hard work I believe I can change my fate. The flower of my life blooms because of you. I can’t change the fact that I was born into an impoverished family, but I also believe that God helps those who help themselves and I will one day overcome all these difficulties. However, every time I think about my family who endures suffering and hardship yet still supports me unconditionally, all sorts of feelings well up in my heart and I have to force back my tears. I believe that crying is a waste of time and feelings. I have to look down upon all the obstacles to ease my family’s worries. The smiles on their faces when I tell them all my achievements in school always inspire...