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I have faced many setbacks in my childhood, but I have overcome each with courage and confidence. My only hope for the future is to fulfill my dreams. Ever since I started my education, I have always excelled in school. However, after graduating from elementary school, I overheard my parents tell their neighbors that they planned to discontinue my education after middle school so that I can help out my family with farm work. Upon finding out my parents’ intentions, I was overcome with sadness. However, my relatives persuaded my parents otherwise, and allowed me the opportunity to continue my education. Although it is difficult to make up for the schooling I missed, I am determined to regain my position at the top of my class. I believe that going to school isn’t enough – one must also excel in whatever he or she is learning. I aspire to do well in all of my school subjects so that I can distinguish myself one day.

(Translated from Yonglin’s autobiographical sketch)


  • Yonglin Xiao: Funding another year

    We are now fundraising to support Yonglin for another year! As you can read from his handwritten letters, your contribution has made a tremendous difference. $250 paid for tuition, books, school supplies, and transportation for the 2009-2010 school year. Unlike some of our other partners which provide a one-time grant to a student, the scholarships provided by the Peach Foundation last for two years in order to provide the children with a sustained period of education. In September, the children returned to school, and we are hoping to raise another $280 for the 2010-2011 year. One of the most innovative aspects of Givology is the opportunity to make connections across the world – both inspiring and being inspired by the children that you support. We sincerely hope you consider supporting Yonglin again. Even if you choose not to make a financial contribution, we still urge you to send him a message that we can deliver. Words of encouragement can go a very long way!
  • "Perhaps the scariest thing in this world is if a person doesn’t have support from others."

    Below is a letter from Yonglin to one of the Givology supporters who messaged him. As you can see, Givology students really love getting letters from Givology supporters all over the world. Please message Yonglin to show your continued support! -- Dear Emily Kopcik: My name is Yonglin Xiao, I am very happy to get letters from you. How are you doing so far? From your last letter I learned that if a person doesn’t have a goal, then he would be lost in the future. I am currently studying in Xiyuan Ethnic Minorities High school. I have always thought that knowledge can change a person’s life. I also always make myself plans for the future and keep them in my mind. After facing many troubles and doing alot of hard work, I am still somewhat far from my goal. I thought about quitting once, but I know it would be terrible if I gave up working and the result would really be unimaginable. I am still searching for a path on the “knowledge road” in order to reach my dream. I truly believe a per...
  • Update from Yonglin: Dec 2009

    UPDATE: We recently realized that some of the pages of the Peach Foundation's latest set of student updates were mixed up. Below is the corrected post. Sorry about the mistake! -- Below is a letter from Yonglin which was recently forwarded by the Peach Foundation. An English translation will be posted soon! In the meantime, please message Yonglin to show your continued support! --
  • Update: April 11, 2009

    Dear Uncle, Hello! I was very happy when last time I received your greeting. Your warm greeting is such a relief in the midst of the ordinary time. Your comfort makes me feel much better. I understand you want to know more about my life, and I'm more than happy to share with you. My family's been fine lately. The financial situation remains stable-we're still earning our living by growing crops. But not long ago, my sister dropped out of school because of her illness. She was in Grade 12. Her dropping out of school may have a negative impact on her future, which frustrates me too. But my parents once told me that they'd afford for me to go to school at any rate, which gives me confidence. I must at least finish high school! I always tell myself I can do that. I'm working very hard, though so far my scores haven't improved much. But as the saying goes where there is a will, there is a way, I'm pretty sure that my effort will eventually pay off. My favorite...
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