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My First Letter

Attached is Yang Ying Ying's first letter to Givology to introduce herself! If you feel compelled to write a letter back to her, we would highly encourage you do so--we will even translate the letter for you!

ID: 14021
Name: Yingying Yang
As a student born in poverty, Life is not easy. In fact, my life is full of difficulties and defeats are more than victories. My parents married each other very late and gave birth to us even later, so they are already old now and I, the firstborn, am still a freshmen. An old saying goes: “ Economy is the foundation and science is the guide.” Sometimes I am really worried that when both of them are old and cannot support us, I cannot fulfill my dream. How can I help the society if I am not strong enough? These questions became my agonies.
When I was in third grade, I asked my parents for money everyday because I did not understand how hard it was to make money. Sometimes I knelt down and beg for money. My father, however, had to pick up trash in order to make money. He did it everyday yet he can at most make 10 yuan each time. He gave me 1 per day to please me. In order to support three of us, my parents did not spent a cent on themselves. They ate leftovers everyday and their clothes were always shabby. They never bought new clothes but tried to mend the old ones. I was not naive anymore when I became a fifth grader. I tried my best to help them as soon as I got home everyday. From then on, I would go to bed at 9 and wake up at 5:30. Although I did not have a chance to rest, I never gave up. I knew that if I do not work hard in the present, I would regret it in the future. I spent my elementary school years working hard.
Time flies, I am now a middle school student. These past three years I faced different challenges. The failures felt like thorns that prevented me from reaching my goals. They stabbed me yet I never stopped fighting for my dream. I turned them into motivations that pushed me forward. After many failures, I realized that thorns are actually roses. If we are brave enough, we can enjoy its wonderful smell. I only have one year of middle school left and I will work hard for my dream. I have to get a good score to repay my parents and those who support me when I was in trouble.
In the end, I wish people in Peach Foundation stay healthy and live happy lives."

Translation by Junhong Chen

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