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Yang Zhe Fa is the 7th in his class at Hong He Yi Zhong. He has stated that he was working very hard throughout last year in order to maintain high grades and that although he cannot improve a lot, he will work harder. His family members' lives have become much better since the Peach Foundation began helping them and his parents' burdens are not as heavy as before.

In a letter introducing himself he wrote:

"My name is Zhe Fa Yang. I come from Bugan Village, SanChun (Three Villages) township, HongHe (Red River) county, Yunnan Province. I was born on July 7th, 1996. There are four members in my family and they are my father, mother, my younger brother, and myself. Both my brother and I are in middle school. When I was around 4 or 5 years old, we had a cow that I would always pasture with other older children in the village. I have grown up with it. When I was young, we didn't have an umbrella so I would have to pasture it without one. I was exposed to the sun on hot days and became cold and wet on rainy days. However, after two years, I became used to this life. I still do not have an umbrella with me nowadays yet I enjoy it. Time flies and I had to go to school; I quit school once, so I went to school on my own and gave tuition to the teacher. It was only about 60 yuan ($10) yet I felt it was heavy because my parents borrowed it from relatives and friends. It was the time of the year when we had to worship my grandfather's tomb. At that time I only noticed that my parents' superficial burden but ignored their spiritual torture. Especially at school, I was unable to discipline my self and often made mistakes that made them worried about me. Ignoring their sorrow, I kept acting imperfect which hurt them deeper. By that time, my brother was going to school, which increased their financial burden. Without a steady income, my father went elsewhere to search for a job. He was not able to earn a lot and had to come back to work. When I was in 6th grade, my grades improved significantly and they became happier; however, I knew that there was sorrow behind their smile. After I graduated elementary school, they sent me to Hong He Yi Zhong Hong (Red River 1st Middle School). Despite our unpleasant living condition and poverty, my parents gave me the chance to study in the county. However, learning in the county cost a lot more than it was in our village, so my mother went with my family and left my brother to my grandmother. My father, who is the only breadwinner in my family now, is already 44-years old and might not be able to work in a fewyears which will leave us without any income. Since their burdens are heavy and I really want to learn more knowledge and help them, I want help from your foundation and to get your recognition.

If I receive your help, I will work hard and requite you. Thank you."


  • Yang Zhe Fa: New College Freshman!

    Dear Givologists, Hello! I am so happy to be able to write to you all. I am a student who has been you have supported for many years, and with your help, I have been able to smoothly graduate high school, and even become an enviable college freshman. Thank you for your support over the years. I have a family of four, with my parents both farmers, and our family relies on agriculture for subsistence. My brother and I are both going to school, and the costs of tuition are a large burden, worsening the poverty of our family. Your help has helped us so much! For a child who lived in a rural community, to have the chance to get a good education in city is because of first, my parents' support and encouragement, as they the my greatest motivation for a good education; second, the support of compassionate and kind-hearted people like you, you are my material and emotional support; lastly, my own competitive spirit, and my pursuit of higher learning. At this moment, I only want to say t...
  • A quick update

    My financial situation: Annual Income has increased, family living conditions has increased a little. There have been no major changes. My academic updates: In summary, my academic performance is quite good. It is the third year of high school, so there is a little bit of pressure. Sometimes I would feel like giving up, but my teachers always helped me regain my confidence in learning. So now I feel quite stable.
  • My Autobiography

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