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Hello Givology Community!

To whom it may concern, hello! I am a middle schooler from Yun’nan province Hui’ze county Dai’Bu town Dai’Bu middle school.

My dad used to support the entire family with his income, including our school fees. However, after he got heart disease, most of our money has gone to treat his illness. The saddest part is that despite spending a lot of money on treatments, he still passed away. I was extremely saddened when I found out about the news, because dad followed the doctor’s instructions closely and even gave up alcohol, his favourite. He couldn’t even drink his favourite beverage the day before he passed away. However, we know that mulling over the death is not a solution. Instead, we need to pick it up and move on.

I was still young when my dad passed away and did not fully understand the family difficulties. It was only until seventh grade did I realize that getting an education was the only way to lift my family out of poverty. My older sister and I decided to study hard, and she was eventually into Kun’Ming Medical University, achieving her dream.

However, my brother has accumulated a large amount of debt for the family. Even the last 20,000 Yuan my dad had saved up were used to pay off the debt. My grandmother and my mom had cried countless times because of this problem, and they had to go to relatives to borrow more money after. To this day, no one knows how much my brother owed, as he won’t tell anyone.

After this incident, my grandmother and my mom had to work tirelessly. My grandma is already 70 and has to work in the field every day. I bet other elderly’s grandson would let her enjoy her retirement!

Our house used to be the best in the entire village, but now it has understandably deteriorated greatly. Our house is half-way up the hill, we only have two old sofas and a television. Now that I think of it, as long as my brother does not get into any additional trouble and listens to mom and grandma, everything will be fine.

All I want now for my family is a normal life without tragic periods.

Now, my mom supports my sister’s and my tuition and living costs while my grandmother’s income solely goes to paying off my brother’s debt. I have realized now that love really is more important than anything else, only my love is not complete.

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