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My mother is a farmer, my father goes out of the village to the city to find work. I have two younger sisters that I take care of.


  • Zhu Li Chao's Update!

    While growing up, everyone will have struggles and happiness. It may be a never expected experience that allows me to mature more. When I entered middle school’s first semester, what was supposedly a very happy moment, turned into an unforgettable one. When my father’s life was on the line, yet I was still unaware. Time passes, and slowly my father’s disease gets worse. Starting from just a simple tooth pain, my dad wanted to pull out his tooth. Yet, my mother didn’t let him. Regardless, he did it in secret, his life would also be changed. During the first semester, I would always come home to see my father skinnier and smaller. Yet, he would always be working. My heart began to expand as I only continued to worry about him. Sometimes, he would just stare into space and 40-50 minutes would pass. My father moved from our small local hospital to the Kunming Hospital. There, he seemed to slowly recover but even then, the doctor had given up on curing his cancer. When my father came hom...