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Hello, I am Zhao Shi Ming. Because I got keratitis when I was younger, my parents had to spend all of their savings for my health. After another operation when I shattered my wrist in PE, my family's finances are troubling. In order for me to maintain an education, I'd like to receive support from Givology.


  • Update: Academic and Financial Changes!

    Hi everyone! Most recently, my family has begun harvesting tobacco, which is tiring, but we had needed the funding. We can rebuild our house now, too, because we've received aid from the government. I've also switched from an athletics track to a vocational track; this way, I hope to be able to provide for my family. Thanks again for all of your support! See the rest of my updates below: [font=OpenSansRegular, arial, sans-serif][img]/images/user/28577_13631877437166991740.png[/img][/font] [font=OpenSansRegular, arial, sans-serif][img]/images/user/28577_15890969539974940505.png[/img] [/font]
  • An Introduction

    Hello! I am Zhao Shi Ming, a normal student living in a poor village in a rural community. I began my education when I was eight. In the fourth grade, I got keratitis, or the inflammation of the cornea, which caused my eyes to be swollen red. For me, my father rushed everywhere to look for a cure; I would often see him come home with a worried glance towards me. Finally, he heard of a doctor who had experience with keratitis. After four months of treatment, I was finally better. When I went back to school, I had to repeat the fourth grade. However, there were still misfortunes to come. When I was fourteen, I shattered my wrist in PE class. My parents rushed over to the hospital, where I was then in surgery. When my father faced the bill, I knew that he was struggling with his emotions as he forced a smile, and he felt suffocated by the price of the operation. Now, I am in the eight grade, but I still remember what my father told me: "Since life is full of harshness, we must acc...
  • Zhao ShiMin: New Student Profile!

    Zhao Shi Min is a new student with Givology! His profile and the translations are below! [img]/images/user/28577_17178266206843427087.png[/img] [img]/images/user/28577_6646965976800744737.png[/img]