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My sister is a junior in college, my brother is entering high school, and I am preparing for the high school entrance exam. My parents would borrow money from everywhere behind our backs to put us through school because they are afraid to burden us and our studies. From 2017, when I graduated from primary school and started 3 years of middle school, I have put in extra effort to repay my parents' sacrifice. Time flies, and now I'm about to graduate, facing the high school entrance. I'll have to work harder to get into good high schools and have a chance at college, just like my older sister.


  • Zhu Yan- August 2020 Update!

    Hello Givology community, My name is Zhu Yan, female, and Han Chinese. I was born into a farming family in 2004, located in the 10th group of Cuo’Chu Village. Since little, I have lived with my parents in the farming village. I’m naturally outgoing, but sometimes I cry, mainly because my dad is blind in his left eye. Even though it is just an eye (he can still help with farm work), his left eye starts to bleed whenever he does heavy farm work. I would get scared when I was younger, while now I just feel hurt. Although I am in the 9th grade now, I am still not strong enough to carry heavy items. My mom is also quite weak physically and frequently sick, so my older brother would take up some of the heavy work. My parents don’t let him though, afraid it’ll tire him out. In the end, they would still take over despite the pain and only leave the lighter tasks to me and my brother. Our main problem is still financial. My sister is a junior in college, my brother is entering high school, a...