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The Raven Conspiracy

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Think about all the times you've opened up a new tab on Google, Bing, or MSN to search for something. In June 2009, approximately 304 million searches were conducted daily on Google's search engine alone. Now imagine if, for every search, 1 cent was donated to a non profit you choose. Thats exactly what Goodsearch, a search engine powered by Yahoo, does.

To fundraise for Givology, all you have to do is go to Type in 'Givology' in the Who Do You Goodsearch For box.

After clicking verify, you can see how much money has been donated to Givology so far. Every entry you type in will yield one cent for Givology. You can imagine how much money will pour in for us when many people start using this search engine.

But the good feelings don't just stop there. Goodsearch also features GoodShop, an online buying tool that donates anywhere from 25% to 35% of the cost to Givology. GoodShop features pretty much every store you can think of, including Barnes n Noble, Target, Amazon, Ebay, Staples, Petsmart, and many many more. To use GoodShop, simply go to, and use the drop down menu to pick which store you will be purchasing from. After verifying that you want the proceeds to benefit Givology, anything you buy will have some of its cost sent to us. This feature can be used when buying anything online, from airfare tickets, to clothes, to toys, to computers, and many more.

So next time you want to look at pictures of the new Harry Potter Theme Park or check the weather, use Goodsearch, and don't forget to make sure all the proceeds go to Givology!
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2009-12-23 19:48:07 | Tags: team the-raven-conspiracy
The Raven Conspiracy held its first fundraiser on December 5th, 2009.
There is an annual swap meet in our high school's parking lot, where vendors, clubs, and the public can hold booths in the hope to sell items and make money for personal use, or in our case, for charity. As a club, we decided to have a table there and sell several items, then donate the money to our chapter fund for Givology.
It's really a miracle this whole thing worked out, because we decided to do this just a few days before the actual event. We sold holiday bread, old books and clothes, random knicknacks (jewelry boxes, stuffed animals, homemade earrings, etc.), and several other bake sale items. We had face painting and live guitar entertainment. By the end of the day, we raised a grand total of $182. This successful fundraiser has the members of my club really hyped up! If it wasn't for the unwavering enthusiasm of our club members, none of this would have been possible. Once again, thanks so much!
We plan to mail in the check as soon as possible so we can start doling out the money to the projects/schools we want to support. Also, the partnership we want to form with a school in India is well under way! Givology and I plan to host a business call with the schools to see if they fit the criteria of an eligibile partner. Once again, thanks to all of our supporters!
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