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My name is Lu Qing, a female from Yi minority in Yun Nan Province, Pu Jian city, Ku Lun Ur village. I was born on the 8th of July, 1994 into a family of 5: my parents, grandmother, and my younger brother. I am attending a school now 5 KM away from home.

During my schooling I have faced many difficulties; I remember I stayed behind a grade due to our financial trouble. My parents leave home to work outside, and they seldom come home for some time. I remember my parents quarreled about the school fees, and I stayed back at home to help out the planting. But now despite our difficulty, I continue school and trying to make the best effort to show to my parents; they do not ask me to drop out.

Sometimes, facing my own difficulty and I think of stopping school; but my parents now encourage me to continue attending school.

Over these years, maybe I am not a strong-willed person; I often feel the pain, our difficulty, lying on the bed, thinking myself as a droplet in the vast sea, having no power to change course. So I know, the only way I can find a way out is through my education,

Somethings I enjoy doing includes singing and playing basketball; but there are thing I don’t like to do. Obviously my first priority is to finish my schooling.


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