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Seven-year-old Alex and his brothers have had a lot to cope with in the past few years. Alex's devoted mother, who was a single parent, died when he was five. In his own words, overheard by Joyce, a matron of the Kinangop Children's Center: "They put my mother in the ground. The covered her with dirt, because she died. There were lots of people all around, and then I am here." Friends and church members only realized she did not have any living family members to take the children in when the memorial service had ended. "The youngest child (Alex), still standing there, did not know who he was supposed to leave with, in which direction to walk," wrote a concerned church member.

An appeal was filed with Flying Kites, and later that evening, Alex and his brothers became some of the very first children to be welcomed through our doors. Despite Alex's outgoing personality, he has some behavioral issues that require individual attention. Like many of our other children, Alex has never been to school and is having some difficulty adjusting to a classroom environment. However, he is benefiting from one-on-one counseling, a predictable daily routine, and lots of outside games and sports.


  • New letter from Alex!

    Alex just sent us a beautiful hand-drawn picture and letter, and sent us a picture to show how much he has grown!
  • Letter from Alex

  • Update from Alex - Nov 2010

    We recently received an update from Alex and Flying Kites. Alex also drew a picture for us to post! Please continue to message back to show your continued support! "Alex is a real boys’ boy. Getting him out of his sports shoes can be a challenge (even for church on Sunday) and his thirst for football is unquenchable. Alex loves wearing blazers, often paired with sports shorts and shoes, but we love his unique sense of style!"
  • Update from Alex!


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