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Gastón lives in a small house with his parents and his three siblings. The family considers Gastón’s education to be the most important thing. His older brother had to leave school because his girlfriend got pregnant and he had to start working. In order to prevent Gastón and his other siblings from a similar experience, his parents attach value to sexual education and they support their children in their school work.

Gastón always has always dreamed of becoming a professional soccer player but ever since he has become a Give An Opportunity scholar he has realized that he has to finish school in order to be really successful in life. This is why he’s really ambitious to get good grades and would like to study engineering after secondary school.

In his free time, Gaston plays soccer with his friends and enjoys participating in the extra-curricular events of Give An Opportunity. His favorite activities are the rehearsals for the theatre show and the magic workshop that was offered to the students.


  • Letters from Gaston!

    Gaston filming a video of his neighborhood Dear Margaret, Thanks for you letter. I tell you that I’m experiencing some very good times right now and I hope you are too! I’ll begin by first telling you about my studies. This semester has gone very well and I hope to continue like this. Despite the fact that this year my hardest class is math. I’m in the fifth year of the establishment Ipem 35 Ricardo Rojas. Right now I’m thinking engineering would be a very complicated career, but, yes, I would like to play professional soccer. Easter week was very nice, I spent it with my family. The tradition here in Argentina is to buy and give chocolate eggs to the people you love the most. I don’t have any concrete plans for summer vacation yet. I would like to know if you have winter vacation over there? Regarding theater, I do like it. I actually acted in the play “Who am I” by Dalmiro Saens in the Royal Theater in Cordoba. Well, since I don’t have anything more to tell you, I’ll say goodbye w...
  • Academic Transcript

    Gaston has been working very hard at school! Check out his academic transcript!