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My 2018 Update

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Dear Givology/Joyce Meng (Uncles/Aunts):
Hello Everyone!

I am so happy that I can write a thank you letter for you all. Because every single word in this letter represents how I am feeling inside. First, I am very thankful for the emotional help you gave me. I am also thankful for the education. I remember from middle school to high school, these past six years, I have gotten so much support and with that, I am so grateful.
I am Shuang He, I am 19 years old this year. Na Xi Zhu, about to go to Gui Zhou province, Xin An city, Southwest Institute of Ethnic Technology, majoring in hotel management. I feel like the time is going by so fast. Soon, I will be stepping through the doors of college, to experience the new life, with every step there will be no shortage of teachers, classmates, and love and support from others. I will forever be thankful for everyone who has helped me throughout my life. Your help has gotten me to become the person I am today.
I believe youth is a time in life to flourish, you have to struggle through hard work for your dreams to come true. But, I know there are a lot of challenges. I have to stay motivated and stay upbeat to achieve the future. Because, I believe by doing so, I can repay my parents. My parents brought me to this earth. They continue to raise me; have pity on parents of the whole world. They don’t want their kids to be like them, farmers facing yellow dirt and with their backs to the sky, so they spend less on themselves. With great trouble, they hold together the entire family. That I will never forget. The wrinkles on my father’s face and the white hair’s on my mother’s head, that I remember clearly. I really want to say to the years: please stop and wait for me to grow up!
I am very grateful that during my development years I had you guys, that I had educational help, you stood by me and that you never gave up. How do I say this, because I don’t possess the same skills as others, by Junior year, I had a hard time keeping up with the teacher. The material we learned that day, I could not retain, so I was very upset. Junior year, before the unit test, I went home and studied by myself. At the time, my teacher, classmates and family did not agree with my methods. At the time, I believed I had to work hard myself. Little did I know, the questions on the test was nothing like what I studied for. This, I was upset because my grades went down. With that, I only got into specialized school, not into college. At the time, I thought about taking another year and apply to college again. But, my classmates and parents did not recommend that. I believe it doesn't matter where you study, most importantly, you have to depend on yourself. I am determined to work hard yourself. There are so many people supporting me, I have to make them proud. When I have more ability, I will pass down the same love given to me.
Finally, please accept my true appreciation, it was you all who gave me warmth, who gave me ability. Without your love, without your motivation and without your risk, I would not have successfully finished my education, my youth would not be so beautiful. Let me raise the ideal, sail, to the shining shore. I hope all of my patrons are in good health and all the best.

Thank you,
Shuang He
September 8th, 2017

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