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John came to Flying Kites in June 2010 and walked straight out to the football pitch. Acting as if he’d been waiting his whole life to play, John only wants to put his football away when a movie is playing. His favorite movie (currently) is Home Alone, and he believes that the book “The Giving Tree” should be made into a movie. John spends most Saturdays participating in our community outreach program, and loves helping local children find shoes that fit.

While Flying Kites respects our children's right to privacy, we feel it important to convey to their supporters the various desperate situations from which they have come. In a cross-small section of the children living at the Flying Kites Leadership Academy, you will find that all of the children in our care were born into absolute poverty. The children who are accepted into our Home have no other options for care with extended family members, or they have been removed from their parent's custody. We cater to children who have been orphaned, abused, abandoned, and raped. Some of the children in our care were forced into marriage as the age of eight, others suffer from HIV, epilepsy, paralysis.


  • Update from John!

    Look at what John was up to this Easter, and how much he's grown!
  • Letter from John

  • Update from John - Nov 2010

    We recently received an update from John and Flying Kites. John also drew a picture for all of us to enjoy! Please continue to message back to show your continued support! "When John pokes his head around the corner or taps you on the shoulder these days, chances are the next words you will hear from him mouth are “Auntie, may I borrow your Ipod?” And the next request will be, “Can you find The Lion King song for me please?” In addition to a newfound affinity for Disney songs, John loves to work out with staff and volunteers; he is always the first to join in on a run around the compound or in a set of push-ups on the back lawn. John becomes more affectionate with every passing week, and he loves to spend time with volunteers."


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