Preventing Domestic Violence's Blog

October 2015 Update

At Starfish, we are dedicated to providing educational workshops and trainings that aim to increase knowledge of reproductive rights and prevent domestic violence and sexual assault among our staff and students. To this end, we continue to partner with a wide range of organizations to provide high quality trainings to our mentors and staff with information that can be integrated into our mentorship curriculum. This year, we partnered with JUCONI, the Trauma Resilience Institute (TRI), ADEMKAN, WINGS Guatemala, Population Council, and Dr. Beth Osnes and Chelsea Hackett to integrate a wide range of courses into our curriculum. These workshops are adapted to our unique cultural context in order to effectively reach the students and families in the Starfish program.

In the Spring of 2015, Candy, a Starfish graduate and New Horizons participant, started working as a mentor for an organization called Population Council through their Abriendo Oportunidades (Opening Opportunities) program. Through this position, Candy regularly facilitates workshops and discussions with young indigenous students about reproductive health, womens rights and prevention of domestic violence and sexual assault. We are proud of Candy and all of our staff and students for continuing to lead efforts to prevent violence and ensure that every member of society has the right to lead a healthy, safe, and self-sufficient life.

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