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Thank you to my supporters

How are you?

My name is Wang Runxian. My student ID is 15559, and I’m in class 256(2). I felt very happy when I received your letter. Although my study work is difficult, knowing there is a sister afar caring for me fuels my motivation. Thank you.

As I am entering the last stage, my time is tight; and my study life is tight too. The pressure is big. Endless tests make me physically and mentally exhausted. I know there are only 40 days left. Whether I can go over the big mountain (Gaokao) or fall to the bottom of the mountain depends on my efforts. So no matter how hard or how big the pressure is, I'll keep going. I believe after a thunderstorm there is always a rainbow. Of course, I hope after one month, I can bring you good news. I want to tell you I’ve achieved my goal, and I’ve made my dream come true.

Dear sister Cailin, although we haven't met yet, from your picture I can see you are very beautiful, and it looks like you love to smile. I believe the people who love to smile can bring happiness to others and allow others to relax. I am very much like you, an active girl. No matter what time it is, I am always smiling. I believe I can be as successful as you when I grow up, giving others happiness and doing what I like while also caring for others in my job.

Finally, from the bottom of my heart, I want to say thanks to you sincerely.

Your friend,

Wang Runxian

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