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University Acceptance!

Dear Givologists,
Hello! I am Lu Xiang Feng, a Peach student that has been the recipient of many years of your support. With your support, I have successfully completed high school, and have been accepted into university, Shanghai JiaoTong University, and will begin school September 12th. Shanghai JiaoTong is one of the best universities in Shanghai. However, to tell the truth, right now I am regreting having applied for Shanghai JiaoTong. My score was just within the limit for acceptance, entering biotechnology. I don't like this major, and I heard that it is very hard to find a job with this major. Perhaps I will look into changing my major.
Thoughout my life, I have never traveled very far. Suddenly going all the way to Shanghai, I'm worrie that I might not be acoustomed to life there, especially since I would be coming from remote mountains in SiChuan. Also, I am rather short, and I'm afraid I might get laughed at.
No matter what, I am very thankful for you. When I first entered high school, I began receiving Peach's support. In college, I can apply for student loans, so my finances will not be as troublesome. This year I did not apply, because this year I will receive a scholarship, which should be enough.
I was originally worried about how to go to Shanghai, but just yesterday I contacted a former student of Peach, who tested into Shanghai university. I will go with her; I will go with her to buy train tickets tomorrow. I heard the trip will take anywhere from 30 to 40 hours.
When I had no where to turn to, I received your help. I know I can't do much in return, but I will definitely work hard, and help other students in need.
Thank you,
Lu Xiang Feng
email: 1204465501@qq.com
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