Cristian Camilo's Blog

2014 Report Cards


Student: Cristhian Camilo
Second Grade
School: Fundacion Don Bosco
Daniel is very good at Environmental and Social Sciences. He is very good at geography, as he can identify many geographical spaces on a map. One of this his biggest strengths is Art, especially music. Cristhian is able to understand accords in high and low notes. As well, his has mastered basic 4:4 rhythms for different instruments. He needs to work on his team work skills, but he is a charming boy. One of his favorite subjects is Technology, where he learns about computer and programs.
He excels in his Religious Education. He understands the concepts of good and evil. He has high family and community values. More importantly, he shows an amazing ability to apply everything he learns from school into his daily life. He is truly learning how to be the best with the tools he is given.

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