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My name is Erika Natalia. I am 11 years old. I was born in Bogotá, Colombia, South America. I live with my mother Lilian Rocio, my stepfather Jonny Alexander, my younger brother Sergio and my little sister Stefany. We live in a rented apartment located in southern Bogota, an area where displaced and very poor people live. My real father abandoned my mother when she was pregnant. Hence I do not know him and have not received any support from him. My stepfather and my mother do not have jobs right now. My stepfather is looking for a job and my mother has to stay home to take care of us. Unfortunately, unemployment rates are very high in my country but my parents hope to find a full time job so they can pay debts and cover daily expenses. Not having a job and having to pay utilities, food, transportation and school expenses for my younger brother and me, my family is very short of money. Right now we are using some money my family had saved and also getting support from my grandmother and my uncle to take care of our daily needs.

I am very intelligent and have an extroverted personality. I love going to the park, dancing, rollerblading, singing and going to the swimming pool. I love to eat ice cream, soups and eggs. I am in 4th grade and always get excellent grades. I love to play with my little brother and sister and have a passion for nice clothes and fashion. I want to be able to continue my education because I want to become a teacher or a medical doctor some day and help my family. I am Christian and enjoy Sunday school classes very much. I hope my brother and little sister can also get their education. I have a caring and loving family!


  • Letter from Erika!

    Dear Godparents, Once again it's a pleasure to me to be able to say Hi and tell you a bit about my life. I got my grades from school. Thank God I did very well and got the 3rd place. I feel proud of my achievements because I put the best of me to take my dreams come true. While I'm studying to complete my secondary education, I'm also studying Accounting and business administration. Those are courses given by our school in order to train students for a university career. It's only one year left at school and then I hope I can study Languages, get a job and be able to pay for my career at a university. I'll be 15 next week and I think I'll only have a gathering with my family and friends. As always I still tend San Pablo Lutheran Church. I pray for you and ask God to multiply blessings in your lives. Thanks Hugs and kisses Erika Natalia
  • Report Card

    Attached is Erika Natalia's report card. She is a very enthusiastic learner who has excelled, with your support. [img]/images/user/539_14446711404406172730.jpg[/img] Erika loves Math! Her teacher is pleased to give her one of the highest scores in her class. As well, she has good grades for Science and Spanish. Besides of being good with Science, Erika is also very good at Sports and Art. Interpreted by Givology Volunteer, [url=]Frida Herrera[/url].
  • First Letter of 2015!

    Attached is Erika Natalia's first letter of 2015! If you are interested in writing a letter to respond, please do so! We can provide translation services if necessary. [img]/images/user/539_1308255466443065525.jpg[/img] Dear Sponsors: Once again, I am delighted to write to you. I hope you are well and everything is well wherever you are. The last couple of days, I had my finals and I am happy to tell you that everything went well. We recently had our October school break. Me and my family didn’t go anywhere, but we had a wonderful family time. Everything is great in our congregation and I am very happy that projects are being completed. Once again, thank you so much for your help. It is a BIG help! I hope God multiples your blessings. I hope one day I get to meet you in person and give you a big hug, it would be my pleasure and honor. Thank you and God bless you. Sincerely with love, Erika Natalia Translated by Givology Volunteer, Frida Herrera.
  • 2014 Report Cards

    [img]/images/user/539_9104999431999539132.jpg[/img] Student: Erika Natalia School: Colegio Bernado Jaramillo Erika is a Sports Superstar. According to her report card, she is very good at sports. She always follows the rules, and she is able to perform all the activities. She is very active and a great team player. In addition, she excels in Ethics and Human Values. She has shown to be very compassionate. As many others, she struggles with Math and Social Sciences. But we are sure she can find the perfect balance of sports and math.
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