Stated directly from our website, our mission is simple, “get girls off the street and into school in Liberia, West Africa.” Our mission however is larger and is in our name, More than Me. We encourage individuals everywhere to do, be, and live for something that is larger than themselves in a world that is more than ready for change.

Developing countries face multiple challenges: difficulty accessing clean water and electricity, transportation needs, governmental and environmental issues, little access to health care, gender inequalities, and lack of education. All of these issues are interconnected, but two of them are especially vital to achieving the others: universal education and the empowerment of women.

From a number of angles, educating children helps reduce poverty. It is education that will provide the next generation with the tools to fight poverty and conquer disease. School also offers children a safe environment, filled with support, supervision and socialization. Here, they learn life skills that can help them prevent diseases like HIV/AIDS and malaria. At school they may receive life-saving vaccines, fresh water, and nutrient supplementation.

Educating a girl has shown to dramatically reduce the chance that her own child will die before the age five, and also improves her prospects of being able to support herself and have a voice in society.

Universal education may appear to be a relatively straightforward goal, but it has proved extremely difficult to achieve. Decades after commitments have been made to ensure a quality education for every child, approximately 101 million children are still denied this right.


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